IF YOU ARE IN A CRISIS, CALL 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Our Mission

Likes4Lives is not a 24-hour helpline, nor are we trained mental health professionals. We hope to serve as a bridge to help.

Likes4Lives is a 501c3 non-profit organization focused on suicide prevention. Our goal is to create an online social community where those who have been affected by suicide are able to share their stories and provide help to others struggling with suicide. Through conversation and shared experiences we can erase the stigma surrounding suicide that prevents so many who are struggling from reaching out for help.

Getting Help

If you or someone you know is contemplating suicide please use the resources provided below.


You are not alone in the struggle with suicide. Many have also struggled through this crisis and are willing to share their stories. There is no cure-all for depression and the struggle with suicide. Below are testimonials and stories of how others have overcome thier own struggle.

Chewy Boese
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Lynn Keane | TED.com
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I Am Alive
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Teen Suicide Prevention
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Living After Suicide
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Cultural Taboos
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Preventing Suicide
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You're Not Alone
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Dawn O'Neil | TED.com
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Living With Depression
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Give Help

Suicide affects a large number of people throughout the world. One key element to preventing suicide is erasing the stigma surrounding suicide by starting conversation and sharing stories. Let's talk about it!


General Veterans LGBTQ+ Youth
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention: afsp.org Stop Soldier Suicide: stopsoldiersuicide.org It Gets Better Project: itgetsbetter.org Youth Sucide Prevention Program: yspp.org
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: suicidepreventionlifeline.org Veterans Crisis Line: veteranscrisisline.net The Trevor Project: thetrevorproject.org Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide: sptsusa.org
National Alliance of Mental Illness: nami.org The Warrior Initiative: warriorinitiative.org GLBT Hotline: glbthotline.org Matts Foundation: mattsfoundation.org
Yellow Ribbon: yellowribbon.org Active Heroes: activeheroes.org I'm From Driftwood: imfromdriftwood.com The Jason Foundation: jasonfoundation.com
National Institute of Mental Health: nimh.nih.gov IAVA: iava.org Revel and Riot: revelandriot.com Mental Health America: mentalhealthamerica.net
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American Association of Suicidology: suicidology.org Mission 22: mission22.com Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA): gsanetwork.org KidsHealth: kidshealth.org
International Assosication for Suicide Prevention (IASP): iasp.info DrugRehab.com: LGBTQ+ and Addiction - Causes, Resources and Treatment
Brett Thomas Doussan Foundation: btdfoundation.org AddictionCenter.com: LGBTQ+ and Addiction
You Can NOT Be Replaced: youcannotbereplaced.com
CDC.gov: Suicide Prevention Strategies


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